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We currently specialize in both Joomla and WordPress CRM platforms. You can choose the templates that we use for your website base on preference and skill level.
Renting a website is a great option for those who do not have the initial budget to create a website, but need the professional attributes of a custom coded site. There are so many build your own site companies out there. Many of which are very good,

The real challenge is time. No one tells you that a website needs constant updating to gain organic traffic. Security patches and someone watching your back.
Or... that when you use one of those services, your URL is not exclusive to you. That means that their service URL will always start out with their name first, not yours.

Making ranking even more difficult in an uber-competitive world.

We use the Vertex framework of Joomla to offer you, our client, an unlimited amount of freedom in building the website of your dreams. Joomla is an opensource platform with developers worldwide.
There are literally millions of Plugins, Modules, Components for today's web developers. Making setting up a spectacular site, quickly and as unique as you are.